Motivation (5/1/2007)
This series of articles discusses how to motivate employees. It is written for managers of small to mid-sized teams of employees and takes a no-nonsense look at what is required. This series is broken up into four parts:

  1. Being Available
  2. Empathize, to a point (comming soon)
  3. Commitments (comming soon)
  4. General conduct (comming soon)

Calling SharePoint Web Services from Javascript (4/20/2007)
This short article illustrates how to call SharePoint web services from client-side Javascript code. This enables the development of sophisticated applications without deploying custom DLLs to the server.

Customizing the Site Directory in MOSS 2007 (7/23/2006)
The Site Directory is an important component to any SharePoint implementation. Modifying the site directory to match your organization’s needs is the focus of this short walkthrough.

Content Types – Best new SharePoint 2007 Feature (6/22/2006)
Content Types are a key new concept in SharePoint 2007. This article discusses why I believe they are one of the most important new features for SharePoint development.

SharePoint 2007 Workflow – A First Look (6/20/2006)
This article discusses using SharePoint 2007 workflows out of the box as a starting point for organizations considering process automation.


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