Site Templates

June 20, 2007

I hate searching for this stuff every time I need it.  So here is a list of SharePoint site templates and their friendly names.

Friendly Name Template
Team Site STS#0
Blank Site STS#1
Document Workspace STS#2
Wiki Site WIKI#0
Blog BLOG#0
Basic Meeting Workspace MPS#0
Blank Meeting Workspace MPS#1
Decision Meeting Workspace MPS#2
Social Meeting Workspace MPS#3
Multipage Meeting Workspace MPS#4
Document Center BDR#0
Records Center OFFILE#1
Personalization Site SPSMSITE#0
Site Directory SPSITES#0
Search Center with Tabs SRCHCEN#0
Publishing Site CMSPUBLISHING#0
Publishing Site with Workflow BLANKINTERNET#2
News Site SPSNHOME#0

2 Responses to “Site Templates”

  1. Curt Cullens Says:

    This is by far the best resource I have seen for MOSS as of to date! It took me days to stumble onto this… thanks so much!

  2. mcodyw Says:

    Do you know of a capabilities chart that shows what you really get with each of the OOTB templates? Our group is having a really hard time figuring out what template(s) we want to use for our standard. Thanks.

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