MicroISVs and their blogs

February 4, 2007

It seems like every small software company out there has a blog these days. It’s become a requirement. In fact, most times these days the blog shows up before the actual product. But if you ask me, by and large it’s a waste of time. If you’re blogging in the hopes that it will attract potential customers or keep customers interested then you need to look long and hard at the kind of content you’re publishing.

Look, marketing is important – critically important to the success of your company. But if your blog is going to be a marketing tool, it’s got to be targeted at your potential customers. Your customers don’t care that you really liked some Joel on Software post. Your customers don’t care that you’re putting the finishing touches on some feature or that you contributed to some open source project over the weekend. Your customers want to read things they care about – not things you care about.

The key to a successful blog for a software company is one that truly provides value and connects with your customer base. If you are passionate about the subject of your software, then you have a good chance of writing a compelling blog which adds value on top of the software you sell. If you’re not that passionate, or if you suck at writing, a better approach would be to try and aggregate news articles or other industry/subject related blog postings.

At the end of the day, look at everything you do through the eyes of your customer. Is it valuable to them? If not, then you should stop and put that valuable time into something else.


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